A beautiful heart

When we were born, we were all innocence and our mind and heart are 
just like a blank paper.

After many years went past, we would have many sufferings. We are 
constantly learning and being educated. The longer we live, the more 
challenges we need to conquer. No matter how many times we fall 
down,we have to stand up again.

When we look back on our lives, they are all full of laughter and tears. 
Whenever we fail, we can not lost hope and we need to overcome it all.

If your life is very smooth and stable, it does not encourage you to fight 
on. The experiences of every setback can turn into the wisdom and courage
in life.

Just like the old man in the story, his broken heart presents the various 
expriences of his life. He had exprienced many pain and hurt. He had 
the wisdom to deal with all the obstacles and to live a meaningful life.

Don't look down upon the elderly and regard them as useless. There is 
a common saying, "having an elderly  at home is like having treasure." 
They accumulate lifelong experiences and transfer the knowledge to 
the future generations. This good tradition is worth keeping and continuing.

I am very fortunate. I have two elderly people at home and my family
 is 'four generations under one roof'.I think, to have all these treasures
 in my life is a really lucky thing.
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