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A beautiful heart

When we were born, we were all innocence and our mind and heart are 
just like a blank paper.

After many years went past, we would have many sufferings. We are 
constantly learning and being educated. The longer we live, the more 
challenges we need to conquer. No matter how many times we fall 
down,we have to stand up again.

When we look back on our lives, they are all full of laughter and tears. 
Whenever we fail, we can not lost hope and we need to overcome it all.

If your life is very smooth and stable, it does not encourage you to fight 
on. The experiences of every setback can turn into the wisdom and courage
in life.

Just like the old man in the story, his broken heart presents the various 
expriences of his life. He had exprienced many pain and hurt. He had 
the wisdom to deal with all the obstacles and to live a meaningful life.

Don't look down upon the elderly and regard them as useless. There is 
a common saying, "having an elderly  at home is like having treasure." 
They accumulate lifelong experiences and transfer the knowledge to 
the future generations. This good tradition is worth keeping and continuing.

I am very fortunate. I have two elderly people at home and my family
 is 'four generations under one roof'.I think, to have all these treasures
 in my life is a really lucky thing.

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Bad Butler

 I thought about this article for one week,but I found it was

 very difficult to write down any gains from the reading,

 after I thought it over, my opinion was finally formed.

 At first, when I followed the description,I was led into a

 misunderstanding and sunk into a trap of its letters,

 until the last paragraph came out,I just knew I had been


 The butler wore the clothes of his mistress,while she was out

 having dinner with her husband. He put on her dress, stockings, 
 garter belt, bra and panties, all taken from her stuff. He was 

 surprised when she came home
 early, so he got caught and accepted a 

 severe scolding.

 I searched google and found some reasons why he had the behaviour
 of changing into women's clothes:

 1. To stimulate sexual desire.

  Changing clothes to satisfy sex. Some people use it to gain
  the illusion of sex with woman.

 2.To eliminate tension and pressure.

   This kind of reason is more complicated.

 3.To show a  latent trait.

   no matter whether they are a man or a woman, both have 
   traits with
some part of a man and some part of a woman.

 4.Another kind of character.

   When they put on women's clothes,they will feel like a woman,

   themself,so they call each other "sister".

 I am not in the position to criticize this behaviors.

 I think this kind of deviation is a sign of mental disorder,

 and he needs to see a speciallzed doctor to receive some 


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Always by my side--http://www.jokesunlimited.com/jokes/always_by_my_side.html

After I read this article, I thought for a long time and was baffled by it.

Afterwards, I sent email and discussed it with my daughter. She told me it is a funny love story, but I don't find it funny at all. Maybe I don't have a sense of humor. I don't understand the funny side of the story. I rather use my common sense to read it.

The man had bad luck throughout the story, whenever it was during his study, finding a job or at work. He was very unlucky, but his wife was always there with him, encouraging him and supporting him. He had a accident at the end, but she was still beside him.

He didn't find the reason why he couldn't succeed, instead of blaming his wife. at the end of story he said, "I think you bring me bad luck." Such cruel words came from her husband. This must be a  huge blow for his wife and it must hurt her a lot.

I think when a man and a woman get married, they should not only care for each other wholeheartedly, showing concern and giving worm embraces, but also comfort each other with kind words. That is the only way to have a 
solid marriage.

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The Law of the seed--http://www.edenonline.net/pages/seeds.htm

This article inspires me a lot. The law of seed is similar to the life of a sea turtle. A sea turtle takes 20 to 50 years to mature. They live in the ocean; only when they want to mate that female turtle come ashore.

When it is full moon, female turtle climb to the hill on the beach at night. She uses her limbs to dig a big hole, then give birth to about 100 to 150 eggs. After 40 to 50 days, little turtles will try hard to break out of the shells and climb out within 7 days. They try really hard to crawl to the sea and during this period of time, they must be careful to avoid crabs, snakes and sea birds. If they get caught, they will die. Only a few lucky turtles can make it safely back to the ocean.

In a man's life, there is also full of challenges. We all suffer many things including being born, Aging, disease, and death--the four sufferings or miseries are unavoidable challenges of our life. Sometimes we lose money on certain investment. Sometimes we fail in a romantic pursuit. Sometimes we lose our close family. So many pains and setbacks will strick us again and again, but we can not be disappointed or fustrated, we must transform our sorrow to strength, then we can always overcome the difficulties.

Because the life is not perfect, we must face it and change our thinking. Let our problems become a good exprience or momery, like Jimmy always tell us, "to look at the bright side." Things will get better, and your life will be happier.

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When we were born, we were all innocence and our mind and heart are just like a blank paper.

After many years went past, we would have many sufferings. We are constantly learning and 
being educated. The longer we live, the more challenges we need to conquer. No matter how 
many times we fall down,we have to stand  up again.

When we look back on our lives, they are all full of laughter and tears. Whenever we fail, we can
 not lost hope and we need to overcome it all.

If your life is very smooth and stable, it does not encourage you to fight on. The experiences of
 doing things wrong can turn into the wisedom in life.

Just like the old man in the story, his broken heart presents the various expriences of his life. He 
had exprienced many pain and hurt. He had the wisedom to deal with all the obstacles and to live 
a meaningful life.

Don't look down upon the elderly and regard them as useless. There is a common saying, "having
 an elderly  at home is like having treasure." They accumulate lifelong experiences and transfer the
 knowledge to the future generations. This good tradition is worth keeping and continuing.

I am very fortunate. I have to elderly people at home and my family is 'four generations under one roof'. 
I think, to have all these treasures in my life is a really lucky thing.

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God's ABC's
Although things are not perfect
Because of trial or pain
Continue in thankgiving
Do not begin to blame
Even when the times are hard
Fierce winds are bound to blow
God is forever able
Hold on to what you know
Imagine life without His love
Joy would cease to be
Keep thanking Him for all the things
Love imparts to thee
Move out of "Camp Complaining"
No weapon that is known
On earth can yield the power
Praise can do alone
Quit looking at the future
Redeem the time at hand
Start every day with worship
To "thank" is a command
Until we see him coming
Victorious in the sky
We 'll run the race with gratitude
Xalting God most high
Yes,there'll be good times and yes some will be bad,but...
zion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!


This poem mentions when we suffer trail or pain, don't complain, just praise to God with gratitude and thankgiving,it will bring hope and glory.

It remains me of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. Many houses and cars were washed away, and thousands of people dead. Many family and their popertys were destroyed. The nuclear power plant in Fukushima was exploded and the radioaction leaked out. Mother nature was badly mauled, it is no doubt one disaster after another. 
But when the Japanese people faced this great disaster, they are not like people in other countries, which always result in riots, they are strong and composed. They queued up orderly to buy the necessaries. Super markets provided food and stuff for free. All the public telephones were free to use. They didn't complain to the government, they just helped one another to get through the crisis. It's incredible! Therefore, people around the world admire them for that.

The Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited the shelter to encourage the evacuees just few days ago. The Emperor said to the Japanese people, "The day of hardships may be very long,but we don't give up our hope. 
Wish everybody take care of your health and to live for tomorrow..." These words are very inspiring, 
they do encourage people,as long as you are alive,there is hope.
We pray for Japan's speedy recovery. 
God Bless Japan!!

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Last friday,Cherry wanted me to prepare this article,at first, I was
worried,because there  was one week for preparation and it was not 
long enough for me,but after I read this article, I was inspired,
now I will try my best to share my felling with you.

This article is about a 3-year -old kid who welcomed a new
sister.He always sang songs to his sister in mommy's tummy,but after
she was born,she had a bad condition and was sended to the
neonatal intensive care unit.

The pediatric specialist told his parents "Be prepare for the worse.",
 his parents also made plan for a funeral.

At last he sang beside her bed,finnally she got well and survived.
Woman's Day Magazine and medical staff all said it was a miracle.

I admire the mother-Karen,in spite of the head nurse who didn't 
allow any kids to get into ICU,but she still brought Michael in and let
him sing to his sister,I fell the maternal love is great,or else there
is no miracle at all.

There is a saying"Never give up until the minute is up.",so her
strong determination saved her daughter and changed her own life!!

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CEO Reveals Secret(click here)

Although Jay Thiessens graduated from high school, he was illiterate. 
He didn't know how to read. However, he set up a small company and 
developed it into a $5 million-a-year enterprise. How did he do it?

At first, his wife helped him sort through the paper work everyday at home.
 Secondly, he delegated tasks to a core group of managers who worked for him.

His bussiness had a good foundation; therefore his illiteracy didn't interfere 
with the business. If he wanted to keep it a secret, nobody would ever know.
 However he had a burning desire to be able to read a simple bedtime story to
 his grandchildren, so he decided to start to learn  at the age of 56. It's always 
said that it's never too late to learn. For him, to confess to other people and start
 learning took a lot of courage. Not a lot of people can ever do it,so he 
gained a lot of respect from his employees and competitors, his spirit is 
admirable. At last, his dream came true and he could read!!

To me, this story is really inspring. It encourages people to follow his lead to start 
learning,just like his wife said, "There is no shame in not knowing how to read,
 the shame is not doing anything about it.

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The story of the painting of The Last Supper

After I red this article, I was quite astonished how the story turned out.

The story decribed the process Da Vinci went through when he was painting 

The Last Supper.At first,he had to choose the figures representing the 

twelve Apostles and Christ in the painting from living persons.The life-model

for Jesus was chosen first and Da Vinci took six months to paint the figure.

One by one,the Apostles were all being chosen and painted.The only one left

was Judas who betrayed his Lord for thirty pieces of silver.Da Vinci spent a

 lot of time searching for him but without any result,and he found a prisoner 

in a dungeon in Rome who would be the perfect representation for Judas.

Da Vinci got a special permission from the King to bring the man to Milan 

for him to paint,and he spent many months finishing the painting.When he 

finished,the prisoner suddenly broke loose and confessed that he was the 

young man who was chosen by Da Vinci to represent Christ seven years ago.

What a surprise!! seven years is a short period of time.However,during that

 time,the inncent young man who represented Christ turned into an evil prisoner.

Right thinking or wrong thinking determines what kind of life people live.This

is a very instructive story and it does make people think about what they 

really want in their life.  


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Just Detours請點此) by:A.Fielder,, Heartwarmers4u

In this article decribes about:
The author came to a new neighborhood,in order to be nice to 
his neighbors,he decided to send fruit baskets to them as presents.

One person on the list was a lady, she always gave him a smile and a 
hearty wave,but he didn't know her address, so the fruit basket 
was misplaced and someone else got the present.

Richard Kelly was sick on his bed, when he received the gift from this
strange neighbor.
He felt very grateful and warm,so after he passed away,the author 
received a thank you card probably from his family.

Although it was a mistake,the author didn't sent the gift to whom he 
intended to,but sent to someone who really needed the comfort.

There are full of touching storys around us,for example--
Mrs.Chen Shu--Chu is a vendor selling vegetables,she saves her every
penny to help the poor and donates the money to build a school,
people in this society admire her a lot,so she gains a lot of respect all 
over the world. 

Another true story I want to share with you is--
 A man named Su Gin-hSiung when he was 15 years old,one day
 he climbed on mountain Guanyin,a man gave him a glass of water 
to quenched his thirst, so he decided to carry the water up to the 
mountain and devoted himself to the climber every holiday,he even
 organized a team and took responsibility to carry the water for over
 20 years.

Their actions look insignificant but they make a great impact on people's
lives,so we can say"Giving is more rewarding than receiving." 


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Pillow and a blanket(please point here)

About this article,my impression is:
A nine-year-old little girl, who was born into a rich family,
still maintains a pure and kind heart, even though she 
may get blame by her parents,she still wants to share
her belongings and valuable things with someone is really
in need.
This kind of spirit,"One only sees others' needs,and overlooks
the losses of oneself."is admirable.

After so many years,when the rich woman gets the pillow 
and blanket back from the lawyer,although this things are 
worthless things,but for the middle-class woman ,they are the
most precious property in her life....
She feels the real warmth of human nature from this two things.

Things are valuable not because of the amount of money you
pay for them,but because they are needed to slove the problems,
that is when they are really precious and impayable.
The pillow and blanket that are left for the rich woman mean not only
that this is her priceless gifts but also that the friendship between 
she and the poor woman is valuable and flawless.

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Jenny's mother bought her a plastic  necklace,

although the pearl necklace was very cheap, but she

 got it by working very hard,so  it  was her favorite thing.

Her father asked her to give up the necklace several

times,but she wouldn't do it and tried to give her dad

some other toys.

At last,Jenny gave it up and handed her beloved necklace

to her dad,he gave her a beautiful genuine pearl necklace

in return.

When somebody takes your favorite things away,it may cause

you pain and sorrow,most people are only willing to gain but 

not to give.

However, when little Jenny did it,she get a better thing in return.

The author said"God is waiting for us to give up the cheap things

in our lives so  he can give us beautiful treasure."

So this story give me the impression is:

"a loss may turn out to be a gain."

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Five things /goals that I want to achieve
1. Visit the UK:
UK is one of my favorite countries. Because my daughter graduated
 from a British university, I want to visit there in the future.

2. Do more exercises:
I've gained some weight recently, so I decided to do more exercises 
to lose weight.

3. Enjoy life:
We have all been through many challanges in our lives which are full of
 happiness and tears.
 From now on, we should try to enjoy our lives fully.

4. Learn new things:
After I set up my blog on the wretch website, I've made many internet friends
 who can do many things that I have never done before, such as cooking,
 baking,making some hand-made bags etc.. 
 They make me want to learn new things.

5. Be happy:
I sometimes complain about too much pressure on myself. I want to open up
 my mind, and be happy. 
 Happiness can make everyday pass quickly.

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The wolves within(please point here)

This article is a Cherokee legend,my impression after reading is:

Every man or woman in this world,no matter what kind of color
or how old they are,they would have these two wolves fighting 
inside their heart during their lifetime.

Self-cultivation and education enable us to conquer the evil wolf
in our heart,and let the good wolf become strong.
However,this situation won't stay the same forever,when people 
encounter injustice or face a big change,they always let the evil wolf
grow up quickly and rationalize their anger.

People can decide which wolf to win or lose, but it depends on personal
wisdom to make the right decision.
As to how to develop wisdom,depend on one's heart always make 
allowance for somebody.

There is a beautiful discourse in summer of 1972,a man named Snami said,
"Anger.pride and other passions reduce man to the level of a lunatic and 
sometimes degrade him to the level of an animal.
One's joy is one's heaven and one's sorrow is one's hell.He who is possessed
by anger will be hated by people.Anger leads to many great sins.
It is caused by weakness,not of the body but of the mind.
To give strengh to our mind and remove the weakness from mind,it is necessary
 to fill with good thoughts,good felling,and good ideas."

I wish to share it  with you ....thank you!!



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This description is some of my inspration from the article of my
English class,It's named "After reading".

This story is about a woman being attacked by an assilant,at that time
her farther was on his way home,when the event happened,at first the
farther was frightened,and then he decided to help the woman,he knew
he could not turn his back on her,so he struggled with the assilant,
and after the attacker ran away,he realized the woman was his daughter.
We all know people in our society is very indefferent,when car accidents
happen,most of the people are unconcered,there is no one who step forward
to face a challenge and rescue the injured people,our children are taught
to selfish and be alert when strangers apporach,so they can reduce the
opportunity to get hurt or kidnapped.
We have no right to judge whether they are right or wrong,they just go
with their instinct and try to protect themself,but we all know the farther
is brave and respectable,if he didn't help,his daughter might be rapped or
killed,the farther's fearless kindness not only rescue his daughter but also
change her destiny.


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