Bad Butler

 I thought about this article for one week,but I found it was

 very difficult to write down any gains from the reading,

 after I thought it over, my opinion was finally formed.

 At first, when I followed the description,I was led into a

 misunderstanding and sunk into a trap of its letters,

 until the last paragraph came out,I just knew I had been


 The butler wore the clothes of his mistress,while she was out

 having dinner with her husband. He put on her dress, stockings, 
 garter belt, bra and panties, all taken from her stuff. He was 

 surprised when she came home
 early, so he got caught and accepted a 

 severe scolding.

 I searched google and found some reasons why he had the behaviour
 of changing into women's clothes:

 1. To stimulate sexual desire.

  Changing clothes to satisfy sex. Some people use it to gain
  the illusion of sex with woman.

 2.To eliminate tension and pressure.

   This kind of reason is more complicated.

 3.To show a  latent trait.

   no matter whether they are a man or a woman, both have 
   traits with
some part of a man and some part of a woman.

 4.Another kind of character.

   When they put on women's clothes,they will feel like a woman,

   themself,so they call each other "sister".

 I am not in the position to criticize this behaviors.

 I think this kind of deviation is a sign of mental disorder,

 and he needs to see a speciallzed doctor to receive some 


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